Avant Car Guard

Artistic photograph of a young physique model. This image was taken by George Platt Lynes in 1936.

Muslin Dresses about 1800 Hamburg Museum für Kunst und Gewerbe
From the book Voila: Glanzstucke Historischer Moden, 1750-1960.

Swedish native Sophie Mörner and her friends took a day-trip to a park, setting up camp in the woods. Mörner captured the above photo early in the morning, her sleepers made up of friends, acquaintances and a few strangers all basking in the glow of the warming sun. The colors and composition become a painterly tableau, Mörner’s subjects lounging and oblivious as if in an enchanted slumber. For Mörner, the image represents the ultimate relaxation and harmony, lost in the moment to nature
  • me:I'm so cute
  • me 15 mins later:I hate myself